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Klas Eklund

Teacher, Author and Economist

Klas Eklund (born in 1952) is the Senior Economist of the law firm Mannheimer Swartling.

Klas Eklund is a licentiate of economics from the Stockholm School of Economics; the topic of his thesis was long-term industrial growth and transformation. In the 1980’s he worked in the Ministry of Finance (as Deputy Under-Secretary of State) and in the Cabinet office (as economic adviser to the Prime Minister). In 1990-91 he chaired the government’s Productivity Commission, analyzing the poor Swedish growth performance in the 1970s and 80s, as well as drawing economic policy conclusions. Between 1994 and 2007 he was SEB’s Chief Economist, 2007-2015 SEB’s Senior Economist, and 2016-2017 the bank’s Sustainability Economist. Between 2001 and 2010 he was a member of the European Commission’s Group of Economic Policy Analysis, giving policy advice to the President of the Commission. 2009-2105 he was adjunct Professor of Economics at the University of Lund.

Mr Eklund has also held a number of other positions, e.g member of the Board of Governors of the Swedish Central Bank, member of the board of the 5th General Pension fund, Chief economist at Sweden Post,  Chairman of the government’s Committee for Economic Studies of the Public Sector, Judge for the Swedish Quality Prize, etc. He is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Scciences. In 2013-14 he chaired “The Committee to Solve the Housing Crisis”. In 2011-2013 he was a member of the Swedish Government’s “Commission for the Future”, and in 2015 he was named Chairman of the new Government’s “Group for analysing the future labour market”.

Klas Eklund has published more than 1000 articles and columns and a number of books, including the best-selling Swedish economics text-book (also translated into Russian and Chinese, as well as published in abridged form for high school students), books on the budget deficit, the Swedish tax system, economic growth and financial markets. In 2010 he published a biography of former PM Olof Palme, in 2011 a broad study of China’s political and economic development, and in 2012 a book on innovation policy.

In recent years, much of his work has been on the economics of climate change. He has published a book on this topic, in Swedish: “Vårt klimat” (“Our Climate”). Mr Eklund has been a board member of Mistra, a state foundation which funds environmental research (where he also was on the Asset management committee). His most recent book is about sustainable growth. He has also been a member of the Task Force on Green Finance Reform and Green Transformation, CCICED (China Council of International Co-operation and Environmental Development).

Presently, he has two external missions. He is writing a proposal for a comprehensive Swedish tax reform, commissioned by a think tank of the Ministry of Finance. Furthermore, he is chairing “The Commission to restart Sweden”, an initiative from the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, on how to create strong foundations for Sweden after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Klas Eklund has also written a financial thriller about insider trade and murder in the Ministry of Finance. That book has been made into a movie, broadcast on Swedish TV.

More information on Mr Eklund can be found on his website http://www.klaseklund.se